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NGA Civic Youth Council

Civic Youth Council (CYC) is part of NGA College Prep program focusing on Extra Curricular Activities and Resume Building. CYC participates in surrounding communities and the local government connecting with City Council members, Assemblymembers and Congressmembers.

  • ​Students: 7 - 12th Grades

  • Zoom class (1- 2x)/week depending on project

  • Saturday In-person (2-4x)/month depending on project

  • Volunteering (events, projects, field trips etc.)

  • Volunteer hours

  • Awards​


NGA College Prep

 NGA College Prep is a private small group sessions for student grades 9th to 12th, providing mentoring and coaching until high school graduation. NGA CP tailors and supports students to be independent assertive students managing their college path.

  •  SAT, Passion Project, College List, Common App Essay, Supplemental Essays, FAFSA, CSS Profile, Communication 101, Major list with all college planning needs.  NGA College Prep students automatically participates in CYC program.

  • ​Students: 9 - 12th Grades 

  • Zoom class (2x weekly)

  • Saturday in-person (4x monthly)

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